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Thank you + Alive and Thrivin'!

Thank you for your support on Giving Tuesday and a spotlight on one of our Thrivers, Tania Lima

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who made a donation during our Giving Tuesday campaign! We so appreciate your generosity and participation in our first ever Giving Tuesday campaign and the $1,000 donated will go directly towards one of our 8-week coaching packages for a Thriver. Thank you for helping a young adult to thrive!

First semester? Crushed it!... Thanks to Thrive Nation coaching Now as we all head into the holidays and the weeks ahead become busy with holiday plans and gift-giving, it’s a perfect time too to pause and celebrate another milestone of this time of year:

the end of their very first semester at college for Freshmen across the country!

From those very first days on campus through to their first semester final exams (remember those!?), it’s been a whirlwind of a time for college Freshmen with many new adventures, challenges and experiences. And what better way to help them navigate these first few months at college than with some personalized, one-on-one coaching with Thrive Nation?

That’s exactly what we’ve been doing with an amazing group of Thrivers from San Bernardino, CA, in collaboration with the Making Hope Happen Foundation (, and we’re delighted to share with you Tania’s story about how Thrive Nation has helped her.

Thrive Nation Co-Founder Wendy Battino and Thriver Tania Lima in San Bernardino, CA

at the Inland Adult Education Consortium Board meeting on 8th December 2017.

Tania is an intelligent, creative, caring, proactive, organized young woman whose dream is to be an elementary school teacher. She started at CSU San Bernardino in September and just last Thursday finished her last two final exams of the semester.* WOO HOO!!

Tania is the first person in her family to go to college, so even though she is super studious, highly organized and 100% committed to her studies, starting her first semester was a little scary and filled with lots of unknowns. Tania also started working part-time as a mentor at the high school she went to, so it's been a semester of firsts in many different ways!

Fully engaged and full speed ahead! Tania embraced the coaching process with enthusiasm and gusto! She was game to try all of the exercises and fully committed to all of the challenges her Thrive Guide (coach) agreed with her. From transforming negative beliefs, to addressing her worries around financial aid, to flipping her nervousness into excitement and building her self-confidence about giving presentations in class, to honing her critical-thinking and decision-making skills around her courses for next semester, to visualizing herself graduating and teaching, to finding balance in her life and thriving as a whole, Tania rose to every single challenge and blasted her way through her first semester! Now clearly Tania would have done well without Thrive Nation coaching. She is wholly committed to her studies. And yet. The fact that she had 8 weeks of once-a-week,

one-hour, one-on-one coaching with her Thrive Guide accelerated her ability to navigate smoothly this huge transition, hone critical life skills further and nurture a balanced, thriving life. Here’s what Tania had to say herself!

"Thrive Nation has impacted me positively in my school life and outside life.

The one-on-one sessions are very helpful because you get to trust

your Thrive coach. After each session I was able to see my

growth or see room for improvement if it was needed.

I loved this experience and I am grateful to have taken part."

Tania sharing her experience about Thrive Nation coaching with members of the Board of the Inland Adult Education Consortium (IAEC) in San Bernardino. Presentation nerves? Not here!!

Imagine... Now imagine if you had had coaching as a young adult. What would you have wanted coaching on? How would it have helped you? How would it have made a difference in your life? And now imagine how many young adults’ lives we can help to transform in 2018 if we all join hands together and make a donation?

Whether it's $25, $1,500 (the cost of one coaching package) or $25,000, every single donation helps more young adults to thrive with passion and accountability for their talents, wellness, community and future. So please consider spreading the holiday cheer and love to a Thriver today with a donation here. *Oh, and those final exams that Tania took last Thursday? How did they go you might be wondering?:

"My exams went great. I crushed them."

Please help us help more Thrivers like Tania today! Because we were all born to thrive.

Thank you!

One Nation. Thrive Nation.

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