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Whatever challenges the young adult you know is facing, Thrive Nation is here to help.


We can offer direct coaching for the young adults, or coach training and certification

for your organization!


Whatever the connection and whatever the young adult's life experience and background,

if they are willing to participate fully, our coaching can help.


Before diving into the details of our coaching program and what you get, we thought you

might want to know more about us and where we came from.


Thrive Nation was co-founded in 2015 by Rick Schreiber and Wendy Battino.


Thrive Nation evolved from RISC, the Re-Inventing School Coalition,

which was founded by Rick and Wendy in 2002. RISC’s focus was

the K-12 education system. Its mission was to help all students

achieve, regardless of their background, disabilities, prior

performance or other obstacles to learning. 

RISC successfully implemented its competency-based,

personal mastery systems in over 30 school districts, 200 schools

and 110,000 students across the U.S.


Thrive Nation was formed out of the recognition of the needs of young women and men

as they transition beyond high school into 'emerging adulthood' and the further education, work and the ‘real world’ living this involves.

Emerging adulthood can be an exciting, but also a very challenging time, so we are here to help young adults:

1- Explore and 'own' their innate strengths, interests and passions

2- Clarify, set and actively pursue their goals and dreams

3- Overcome obstacles, setbacks and failure

4- Gain and hone the life and professional skills they need to thrive

Now offering Online Coach Training and Certification!
















Our comprehensive coaching program costs can be explained in more detail once we understand your situation. Direct Coaching and Coach Trainings typically run over several months and will include practicum hours. Contact us for more information.



If you still have questions, please call Rick at  907-733-7425 or email him at

(Please note that although Thrive Nation coaching can help in some instances of mild mental health issues, we are not counselors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists or medical professionals and cannot help with more serious mental health conditions.)


To invest in Thrive Nation coaching for your organization, or a young adult you are caring for, please click:


After completing your purchase, we will send you our Thrive Nation Coaching Questionnaire & Service Agreement.

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