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Meet one of our Thrivers and one of our Co-Founders!

Meet one of our Thrivers...

Meet Edward*. Edward has big dreams. He wants to be an ER doctor. He was a top student and athlete in high school, he started three clubs and was Class President. He graduated with honors and just started college in September, which is a huge transition for him. He's the first person in his family to go to college, which he's doing through scholarships alone. He lives at home and commutes to campus for classes, and he also works 3 days a week.

He finds change incredibly hard, and in the space of one week, he opened his first bank account, bought a used car and started college. Talk about big changes! He is enjoying his classes, but is finding making his own schedule challenging because he's never had to do it before. He is also finding it difficult to make new friends since he is a 'commuter' and class sizes are big.

Between attending classes, completing coursework and working on weekends, he's also struggling to make time to cultivate a social life and be physically active. He was a huge sportsman in high school, but now is not a part of any teams although he really wants to get back into shape!

Edward’s* selfie after one of his agreed Thriver challenges to go for a run!

(*We change Thrivers’ names out of respect for their privacy.)

Through one-on-one weekly coaching with his Thrive Guide (coach), Edward is learning to embrace change. Together they have agreed on a ‘Thriver challenge' to help him turn around his belief of ‘I hate change’ to ‘I welcome change’. This challenge has two parts (you can try them too if you'd like):

  • To identify three experiences of change in his life and find the positive elements in them;

  • To take a different route to college every day for a week and to find one example of something exciting or wondrous on his commute

If you would like to support a Thriver like Edward, then please consider making a donation today or as part of our Giving Tuesday campaign on November 28th.

...and meet one of our Co-Founders

As a Thrive Guide herself, we are also delighted to share with you a little more about Wendy Battino, one of Thrive Nation’s Co-Founders.

Wendy on one of her epic SUP outings at Bear Glacier, Alaska.

[endif]--As an Archaeologist, Educator, Adventurer and Transformation Coach living in Alaska where she built her own log home and is frequently found hiking, skijoring and SUP-ing, Wendy has learned to listen to her own wisdom. “So many told me [when I was a young adult] I couldn’t live the way I wanted and make the impact I also wanted.” It simply was not true and so this is how Thrive Nation could have helped her:

  • To know that even though bad things happen (she was in a tragic car crash her junior year in which her dear friend was killed) it doesn’t have to stop you;

  • To be true yourself and you will find the right way or path – for you

To read more about Wendy’s story go to the Our People section of and click on Wendy's photo.

Thank you!

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